BitsBot is the best way to access the global financial markets of the future. Small and large companies rely on our data to inform their decisions.
when you join BitsBot you join a community of like-minded participants who are interested in subscribing to precious services. Our subscription membership is private and you may only join by being invited through a member’s subscribing link.
Get in touch with the person who invited you to provide you with their personal unique invite link. Use that link to sign up.
Yes, BitsBot is available to anyone with an internet connection, a Bitcoin wallet and the willingness to become a member.
We only use Bitcoin to make it easy for participants to make contributions to other members.
Yes you can but it is strongly recommended that you do not stack them. For example, you create another personal account under your first account. That is considered stacking. That is an unethical practice.
The only places we highly recommend you go get a Bitcoin wallet is at https://blockchain.info/wallet/ or https://www.coinbase.com.
Yes. From second level onward it is a worldwide company matrix that means whoever completes 3 members in his immediate down line will be promoted to second level. If his up line members takes time to qualify to second level then he will supersede.
Nicely a pyramid scheme means that only the top participants of the hierarchy get paid whereas BitsBot allows every member to earn the equal amount by doing the equal amount of work. You can receive more contributions than the person who signed you up, that reality makes BitsBot a fair system.